April 14-15, 2015
Madrid, Spain
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Camera-Ready Instructions

Camera-ready Deadlines and Maximum Number of Pages

Paper Type Page limit Extra pages(*) Deadline
Full papers 8 1 March 17, 2015
Short papers 5 1 March 17, 2015
Work-in-progress papers 3 1 March 17, 2015
PhD forum papers 3 0 March 17, 2015
Demo papers 2 0 March 17, 2015

(*): Additional pages may be purchased at a cost of 50 EUR per page, to be paid with your conference registration.

Instructions for submitting Camera-ready Manuscript:

(1) Register for the conference

  • Each paper accepted as Full/Short, Work-in-Progess, or Demo paper must have one author registered at the full rate (IEEE member or non-member).
  • Each paper accepted in the PhD forum must have (at least) one student registration.
  • For authors who have several accepted papers
    • If two accepted papers, one full regitration is required.
    • If three accepted papers, a second student registration is required for the third paper. Please contact the registrations chair for more information, if needed.
    • If more than three accepted papers, please contact the registrations chair.
  • To register, click the following link: Registration
    SustainIT2015 Registration Chair: Nicola Bui (nicola.bui@imdea.org)
  Early Late
(after March 17, 2015)
Non-IEEE Member € 355 € 405
IEEE Member € 300 € 355
Non-IEEE Student member € 225 € 250
IEEE student member € 195 € 225
Extra page (max 1) € 50 N/A
Extra dinner € 66 € 66

(2) Prepare your final manuscript

  • Your final submission must use the IEEE Conference MS Word or LatTeX templates. Make sure to use letter format with 10pt fonts, double-column style.
    • LaTeX users should use
    • Word users should use the US letter template version.
  • Please check that your submission adheres to the set page limit for your type of submission (as shown in the above table).
  • Add the following Copyright Notice at the bottom of the first page of each paper: 978-3-901882-70-8 ©2015 IFIP
    • LaTeX users can do this via
      \AddToShipoutPicture*{\small \sffamily\raisebox{1.3cm}{\hspace{1.9cm}978-3-901882-70-8 \copyright2015 IFIP}}

      in the document preamble. Please make also sure that you are only using Type 1 fonts, i.e., you are using
      in your preamble.
    • Word users can create a text box and fill in the copyright text using a standard sans serif font family (Arial / Verdana) in 9pt font size.

(3) Get the final paper approved by IEEE Xplore PDF eXpress

  • Go to http://www.pdf-express.org/.
  • If you are first time user, you need to register first.
  • Login to the site using conference ID "35492X" and your email address and password.
  • Make your final manuscript PDF IEEE Xplore compatible PDFs.

(4) Submit approved PDF to SustainIT

  • Upload the IEEE Xplore approved file via EDAS.

(5) Complete the copyright form for SustainIT 2015

  • Authors are required to transfer the copyright of their accepted papers to IFIP.
  • Fill in the copyright form and sign it.
  • If you have multiple papers accepted, prepare a separate form for each accepted paper.
  • Scan the form into a PDF.
  • Upload the PDF in EDAS.

(6) Check EDAS author list and abstract

  • Authors should also make sure that abstract and co-authors in the final manuscript perfectly match the information included in EDAS.

Note: please contact Christian Renner (renner@iti.uni-luebeck.de) if you have any issues uploading the camera-ready version or problems with the template, etc.